Dragon Altar is how a player obtains Elf woods. Dragon altars are important in order to gain Dragon Scale by donating Elf wood to the Battleship. When using Elf Axes you will get 2-5 times more elf wood, except on level 1 Dragon Altars where you still get zero. Also provides Dragon Fragments needed for Dragon Runes.

Dragon Altar

Altar Units

Level Image Assassin Zealot Jungle Hunter Revenge Chariots
11 3348 3348 3348 75

Altar Levels:

  • Level 11 Altar Drops 0, 10-18 Elf Wood, Frost Signet, Dragon Runes
  • Level 1 Altar Drops 0 Elf Wood

Note: A level 1 Altar is a Level 11 altar that another player has beaten you too.

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